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The Wing’s new exhibition challenges preconceptions about AAPI beauty

Freitag, November 29th, 2019

The Wing’s new exhibition challenges preconceptions about AAPI beauty

By Kai Curry Northwest Asian Weekly

Media pictures associated with beauty during the Where Beauty Lies event at Wing Luke Museum. (Picture by Kai Curry)

Where Beauty Lies, the exhibition that is newest at the Wing Luke Museum, assumes on the main topic of beauty, specially when it comes to Asian Us americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

Just just exactly What comprises beauty? Whom determines what exactly is stunning? Just how do societal requirements become part of ourselves and, amidst the signals we get all we realize our genuine selves around us, how do? These concerns, and much more, are thought when you look at the event developed by a residential area advisory committee, Exhibit Developer Mikala Woodward, along with other neighborhood contributors.

Where Beauty Lies is not only a review museum event, but a conference. On starting on Oct. 11, staff wore beauty pageant sashes with slogans like “Decolonize Beauty. evening” neighborhood artists and icons, such as drag performer Aleksa Manila, arrived demonstrating, by whatever they decided to wear, or perhaps not wear, the way they did their make-up and hair, or didn’t—the methods they respond to objectives of beauty and gender—with authenticity and empowerment. (mehr …)