World Cup 2014 Circus: Suarez Loses 888, While Neymar Briefs

World Cup 2014 Circus: Suarez Loses 888, While Neymar Briefs

The Heard that is bite Round World cost Luis Suarez his World Cup and his 888poker sponsorship this week, but 888 may have to thank the toothy Uruguayan within the end. (Image:

It’s all over but the shouting: as we reported early in the day this week, the Bite That Rocked the World Cup, aka Luis Suarez loses his mind, now has 888poker officially cutting ties with the Uruguayan striker. Following a four-month playing ban by FIFA that efficiently finishes their World Cup play, Suarez must now face the sobering reality he bit down more than he could chew this time around, career-wise.

It absolutely was only final month that 888 signed the, um, colorful character that is Suarez to its ambassador program, and even then, it looked like a shaky bet on the part of the online poker giant; most likely, this had beenn’t exactly the first, or second, or third (you have the concept) time that Suarez sank his teeth into a very idea that is bad.

‚888poker finalized Luis Suárez carrying out a fantastic season for which his achievements had been widely recognised,‘ said the organization in an officially issued declaration. ‚Regrettably, after his actions during Uruguay’s World Cup match against Italy on Tuesday, 888poker has determined to terminate Luis Suárez to its relationship with instant effect.‘

The FIFA ban and 888 shunning follow a much-publicized dental assault on Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the pair’s match up between Uruguay and Italy as the final Group D showdown last week in case you live in a bubble and haven’t heard the gory details. Italy was later on knocked out by South America, making it a doubly bad day for Chiellini.

Is it just us or perhaps is the winner that is big all this? By becoming the first of Suarez’s sponsors to officially ditch him over the incident, they pretty much got a mention in every newspaper and news website in THE WORLD that is WHOLE. Solution to make lemonade out of lemons, 888. That bite seems to have kept you with lots of zest. (Sorry, we are for a pun-athon at this time and cannot be stopped).

Brief Encounter

Talking about branding, the World Cup is a maelstrom of business sponsorship as well as the rules are exceedingly strict on brands, which explains why FIFA has launched a very investigation that is serious Neymar’s underpants. It appears that the small Brazilian playmaker with the dazzling feet and toilet brush hairdo ended up being seen putting on Speedo underwear throughout the customary post-match exchange of shirts when Brazil played Cameroon the other day.

Now, Speedo, while it does makes very nice underwear, is not a licensed FIFA brand and herein lies the situation.

At the heart of the investigation is whether Neymar purposefully exposed the Speedo logo on their underwear or it happens!) whether it was pure accident that the offending articles had ridden up slightly above his shorts (. We have no idea how they propose to determine this.

Were Neymar’s underpants illegal, and, if so, should he be required to remove them? Possibly he should really be prohibited for life. We will make sure to bring you updates from the investigation as it progresses.

The Big Payoff

Once we also reported within our earlier tale, some clever bettors made bank on the top Bite Theory before it simply happened; we’ve even more details on how that all played away.

In reality, crucial news reaches us from Sweden, where bookies have paid just below 1,400 kroner ($2,070) to at least one prescient punter who predicted that Luis Suarez would sink his Bee Gee-like ivories into the soft, tempting flesh of an opponent at the 2014 World Cup.

Jonathan Brack, a 23-year-old teacher from Stenungsund, placed the 80 kroner ($12) bet at likelihood of 174 to 1, and also the Uruguayan duly obliged by connecting their gleaming dentition to your shoulder of Chiellini throughout the Uruguay Italy game, before rolling on the ground feigning injury to his fangs. It seems that over a 150 people across Europe have actually won cash on similar bets.

‚ I was looking through some odds ahead of the tournament started and I also saw this bet and thought I had to have a opportunity,‘ Jonathan told the BBC. ‚I wanted to place hundreds but my buddy told me not to waste my money on this kind of stupid thing.‘

But we still say 888 will be laughing all the real way to the bank on this one. After all, Suarez has pretty much given them a lifetime’s promotion in one mad, hellish, impulsive moment. And they don’t need to pay him anymore.

Caesars Showboat Closing Down in Atlantic City

Despite being a profitable casino, the Atlantic City casino market is saturated, as well as the Showboat is being sacrificed to free up some room in the market, owner Caesars Entertainment claims. (Image:

In a town that seems to be hit by worse financial storms than even Sandy, Atlantic City is seeing yet another land casino hit a reef: Caesars Showboat has announced it will formally close on August 31. Based on Caesars Entertainment, the Showboat is showing the worst performance of its four Atlantic City casino entities, and as such, its demise is imminent.

‚Although we regret the impact that this choice will have on our Showboat associates, we believe it is a necessary action to assist support our business in Atlantic City and support the viability of our remaining operations within the vicinity,‘ said Caesars CEO Gary Loveman in a issued declaration. ‚ Since 2006, income in Atlantic City has declined by more than $3 billion and competition in the city has increased. The dynamic in Atlantic City has led us to your difficult but decision that is necessary close Showboat.

‚We sincerely appreciate the service, dedication and professionalism shown by the employees of the Showboat over time to supply incredible experiences to our customers,‘ Loveman added.

Showboat Causes Three

It’s been a tough year for New Jersey’s beachside resort and its own gambling enterprises; in January, the iconic Atlantic Club closed after several purchasing attempts went south, and just this month, the once-much-touted Revel announced official bankruptcy proceedings with the very real possibility that it, too, may shut, if no buyer steps up in the future that is near.

For the town’s casino workers, this news that is latest, needless to say, would not stay well.

‚I’m heartbroken and crazy, too upset to respond in a effective means,‘ said Local 54 Unite-HERE casino worker’s union president Bob MCDevitt. When Caesars announced its want to provide Showboat employees with warning pink slips late last week, McDevitt minced no words, claiming the casino was indeed lucrative and calling the potential closure ‚criminal.‘

Loveman says Caesars may help the Showboat’s 2,100 casino workers find new jobs with other company properties, either in Atlantic City or in other cities that are US the conglomerate operates business.

Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian was a tad more neutral in his reaction to the turn off announcement.

‚ I’m partnering with the companies that stay in Atlantic City. I am sorry that the Showboat is shutting down,‘ the mayor said.

Saturated Market

The opinion seems to be that there are simply casinos that are too many Atlantic City; that the marketplace is over saturated and unsustainable, and it is being damaged further by competition from casinos in neighboring states. Pennsylvania, which introduced legal casino gambling within the mid-noughties, has now supplanted its neighbor as the second biggest casino video gaming market in the United States, after Nevada. Nj has lost 40 % of its revenue since 2006.

Meanwhile, the expansion of casino gambling in ny State will hit New Jersey also harder, with 12 percent of New Jersey gamblers saying, in a recent survey, that they are going to simply take their company to New York once the new casinos open there. Caesars, which shut down Harrahs Tunica the thirty days, had hinted at a closure that is possible Atlantic City, too. Despite the fact that the Showboat is profitable, unlike Revel and the Atlantic Club, the casino has been sacrificed in order to free up a small room in the market, including Caesars‘ own three other Atlantic City gambling enterprises.

While it’s true that the Showboat was still into the black for Q1 of 2014, its books showed an extreme drop from the same time frame period year that is last. This year’s equivalent time period only showed a just-under $2 million profit level while first quarter 2013 brought in some $8.5 million in gross operating profits. Furthermore, out of this town’s 11 existing casino properties, Showboat came in at Number Seven in profitability, by having a $66.2 million take so far this year; that’s a 16 percent nosedive from the same timeframe year that is last.

The Mardi Gras-themed Showboat opened in 1987 and was purchased by Caesars in 1998. It’s the tiniest of Caesars‘ Atlantic City properties in terms of net revenue, but it also has operating that is relatively low. Bally’s, by comparison, is far higher priced to perform and showed a loss in $1.6 million over the period that is same.

The casino is expected to remain open and operating through to the August 31 shutdown, after which time gamblers are contributed to moving to many other city properties, according the Loveman.

IRS Steps Up Investigation of Macau Casinos

The IRS has allegedly joined an investigation in to the movement of funds from United states company-owned Macau gambling enterprises. (Image:

The total amount of money that is passed around in a single day in Macau would boggle most minds. While the growth of Macau casinos has slowed, revenues continue to rise, with the enclave’s gaming take arriving at $45.2 billion. But some fear that this cash isn’t just being played around with in the gambling enterprises, and it’s possible that some money could find its method into the tactile hands of criminals or hidden from governments.

This is exactly why agents from the united states of america Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reportedly traveled to Macau in May in order to collect info on exactly what American-owned casino operations there had been doing with their money. A Reuters report quoted anonymous sources who state that IRS agent that is special Steiner revealed the Macau investigation at a Las Vegas anti-money laundering conference early in the day this month, during a percentage associated with conference where the news was barred from the area.

Treasury Department Casino that is already watching Funds

It’s no surprise that the US government has brought an interest in the amazing sums of money that are being funneled through Macau resorts and casinos. The Treasury Department had already been maintaining tabs that are close the money movement into and out of gambling enterprises there. Officials from that department have been worried that funds of questionable beginning could be flowing from Macau to Las Vegas, and that gambling enterprises might not have the settings set up to detect suspicious deposits and transfers.

The latest investigation had been allegedly carried out by the IRS Criminal Investigation unit. It is unclear exactly what the visit to Macau had been, though some have speculated that it would likely have already been section of an audit procedure for transactions from Macau to US casinos. Privacy laws and regulations in Macau may have made it burdensome for agents to obtain access to information that is important the United States.

In specific, concerns were raised throughout the funds that come in from junket operators whom help arrange financing and travel for high-rollers in Macau casinos.

Casinos Asked to Take Precautions

In accordance with sources who have been apparently within the space at the time of his talk, Steiner warned those in attendance into place that it was important for casinos to have the proper controls in place to notice suspicious money movement, and for there to be potential civil or criminal penalties if casinos failed to put them.

These issues could help explain changes in policy that temporarily threw players for a loop at this year’s World Series of Poker while there may not be a direct connection. Numerous players had been outraged to discover that they might require a second piece of identification to verify their addresses, though this is later clarified being a request that would conserve time on future verification paperwork.

‚This policy is because federal demands for licensed casinos to make use of all reasonable efforts to have a permanent address of its clients, maybe not an 11th hour shift by the WSOP,‘ World Series of Poker Executive Director Ty Stewart said in a statement last month.

According to Reuters, both the IRS and casino that is major operating in Macau such as for instance Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts Overseas declined to touch upon the report.

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