Smith vs Ryder: Callum Smith wants to test himself against the best after battling past John Ryder

After fighting in Liverpool callum Smith wants a super fight year.
Smith fought for the first time before his hometown fans as world champion but the WBAsuper holder was pushed all of the way by Ryder.
The undefeated Liverpudlian set his performance down to a lack of fear of compulsory challenger Ryder, that was a major underdog, giving reach and height off.
I want the best names in the branch and I am not disrespecting John Ryder but there was no fear yelling, Smith told Sky Sports afterwards.
I didnt believe John Ryder was great enough to overcome me. There are fighters that I think that is going to bring out the best within me and are good enough to overcome me who dont perform. That is exactly what I want, I need the big names.
I just want a big title, where if I turn up like tonight I will lose. That anxiety brings out the very best performance in mepersonally, I feel I need that.
Ryder, who was on the wrong aspect of a 116-112, 116-112 conclusion, insists he will be back.
I thought that was unpleasant, said Ryder. I thought I forced the fight, he had been just nicking rounds, in that case. I thought that I.
Ive dropped for the British name three times, I have come back and fought for a world title against the world .
I think Ive done more than enough to reveal I am credible with this and I will return.

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