A married relationship certification is just a appropriate record of the wedding that occurred in Nova Scotia.

A married relationship certification is just a appropriate record of the wedding that occurred in Nova Scotia.

The certification may be applied as proof wedding. A married relationship certification can just only be released for a wedding that is been registered by Vital Statistics.

Submit an application for a married relationship Certification. A wedding certification is really a record that is legal of wedding that were held in Nova Scotia.

Evidence of marriage

A married relationship certification may be utilized as evidence of marriage.

Certification platforms

Agencies and companies often need evidence of wedding. You may get A quick type Marriage Certificate or A long kind wedding certification. a form that is short the names regarding the few plus the host to wedding. a form that is long exactly the same information due to the fact brief kind, in addition to extra information about the few therefore the host to marriage. It’s your duty to test using the organization or agency to ensure the certification format you may need.

Certificates that demonstrate X as being a intercourse indicator might never be accepted by all agencies and companies. It’s your obligation to test aided by the organization or agency to ensure just exactly what information they accept.

Wedding Enrollment

Vital Statistics needs to join up a wedding before a married relationship certification is granted.


A wedding certification is a appropriate record of the wedding that were held in Nova Scotia. To use for a married relationship certification, the wedding needs happened in Nova Scotia and also you need certainly to fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • you’re known as regarding the certification
  • you’re an attorney taking care of behalf of an individual called in the certification
  • you have got written authorization from an individual called in the certification

Just how to use

  1. Apply on line for the certification.
  2. Include payment along with your application.
  3. Submit your finished application and repayment.

Just how long it requires

It will simply take 2 to 3 days to obtain a wedding certification in the event that you apply online, by mail or by fax. It could just take longer if extra information will become necessary or if your kind hasn’t been filled in properly.

Task Fee
Brief Form Marriage Certificate $33.00
Long Form Marriage Certificate $39.90

Re re re Payment choices

Visa, MasterCard, United states Express, Interac® on line, debit card, cheque, cash purchase, money. a cheque or cash purchase should always be made payable to your Minister of Finance. re Payment options can vary greatly according to the way you use.

Before you begin

Make sure the wedding took place in Nova Scotia.

Apply online

Whenever you use online you ought to spend the cost by charge card (Visa, MasterCard or US Express) or Interac® on the web.

The Marriage can be used by you Certificate Application Form (PDF 209 kB) if you’re unable to apply online. Forward your finished payment and application by mail or fax. Or go to Vital Statistics or drop them down at Access Nova Scotia.

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