10 Unforgettable Moments In The Philadelphia Eagles And Dallas Cowboys Epic Rivalry

It more than another match whenever and wherever Dallas Cowboys and your Philadelphia Eagles play with each other. Eagles vs. Cowboys is the stuff of legend.
Because it is a true definition of a NFL competition ignore the records. OK, theBoys lead the all time string 68-52.
But a couple of them have a place on the list of top 10 Eagles games.
The first of two meetings is this weeks Sunday Night Football game on NBC. Both teams head in the competition with records.
Therefore, welcome to the official beginning of Eagles vs. Cowboys week. Allow the hype and buildup begin.
On Monday, DraftKings Sportsbook had the Cowboys as an early favourite. It is a Cowboys home game.
Besides all the NJ sports betting chatter and trash-talking, the die-hard Birds fans around, such as myself, are looking forward to another second.
The Eagles have certainly delivered plenty of them over the years.
Below are my 10 difficult to overlook Eagles-Cowboys minutes (out of a Philly perspective, obviously ).
I like watching Eagles vs. Cowboys games in the comfort of residence or, now, at among the 10 NJ sportsbooks. However, its tough to forget the 1999 game.
This is the one where Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has been stretchered off the field with a spinal cord injury that is career-ending. Yes, the Eagles fans cheered as it happened (I was not one of them).
Naturally, the part I remember is currently choosing to depart early in the fourth quarter. The Birds were trailing 10-0, and frankly I did not think they had any shot of winning.
My group proved me wrong. Then-quarterback Doug Pederson (yes, that Doug Pederson) and crew decided to make a comeback once I made my departure.
2 Norm Johnson field targets along with also a touchdown pass to Charles Johnson together with 1:07 remaining sealed the offer.
I listened to it all built on the car trip home.
I have a tough time coming up with fond memories of this Chip Kelly age.
The former University of Oregon head coach arrived with a lot of hype but did not live up to those high expectations.
However, he did lead the Birds to a NFC East crown in his first time.
The 24-22 victory over Dallas on Dec. 29, 2013, has been a memorable one (the losers clinched a Wild Card).
But Kelly didnt do it. LeSean McCoy rushed for 131 yards and captured a three-yard touchdown pass from some guy named Nick Foles (within his very first go-around together using all the Birds).
This was a struggle. The Cowboys got within 2 points together with 3:50 remaining in the match. Brandon Boykin came up to clinch the win, After the home team needed it most.
I have no trouble admitting that Emmitt Smith is among the perform.
His three Super Bowl rings are evidence.
When the good Eagles defense made a stand against the Cowboys 22, at precisely the same time, I recall a few times.
The Dec. 10, 1995, sport tops the record.
The score was tied 17-17, and the Cowboys faced a 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter. Smith captured the ball, but the defense stopped him.
Not too fast. It had been the warning; no drama.
So with another chance, theBoys ran the exact same play. Same outcome!
The Birds caught the ball back. Gary Anderson field goal gave fans a different reason to celebrate.
He had to kick it twice.
I remember having my family over for Thanksgiving dinner at 2014. It was the year that the Eagles played the Cowboys.
So we didnt miss a moment of this game, that the dining room table moved into the family room.
It turns out we ended up enjoying the one unfolding over the TV display, the one about the table along with two feasts. We are talking a 33-10 Birds success.
McCoy was one of the stars for 159 yards, racing in this . Including a touchdown. The defense sacked four times to Tony Romo.
And everyone went home full and thankful.
Not every Eagles-Cowboys game is a high-scoring event. A complete illustration of this happened on Dec. 17, 2007.
The last score: Eagles 10, Cowboys 6.
But the most memorable part of the one is that the score that never happened.
Running back Brian Westbrook could seen a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. He previously had a 24-yard conduct but stopped just short of the end zone. He took a knee at the 1-yard line.
At the moment, I had been thinking,Why not dent the touchdown? You are right there!
Well, in the history of Eagles vs. Cowboys games, it was a genius transfer. Dallas had no timeouts left. Quarterback Donovan McNabb took three knees, and the rest is history.
Im one of those Eagles fans on the market expecting DeSean Jackson is now beneficial for the match of Sunday night.
Theres a reason . This receiver is capable of making a big play every time he catches the ball.
A complete example of this took place on Dec. 12, 2010, at Arlington, Texas.
With all the Eagles vs. Cowboys game tied 20-20, the people started their driveway on the 9-yard line. What happened next is among the longest and very exciting crime plays in franchise history.
On what ended up being a catch and run play michael Vick passed Jackson the ball. Even the Birds jumped out in front 27-20, with close to 12 minutes to play.
David Akers included a field goal to make the score 30-20.
Jacksons operation is one still worth discussing today, although dallas obtained in three things. He ended receiving yards.
He gave fans and members of the press lots to talk about After Buddy Ryan was coaching the Eagles.
This Thanksgiving Day game from 1989, aka the Bounty Bowl, is one that people Eagles fans have a time forgetting.
Ryan and the Eagles were accused of putting a $200 bounty on Dallas kicker Luis Zendejas.
The comments from Ryan along with Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson that arrived then were almost as amusing.
Incidentally, Philadelphia also occurred to win the game 27-0.
The Eagles-Cowboys competition got heated in89, its difficult to forget that the sequel.
The hatred between both of these teams wore a WWE feud minus the body slams and chair shots.
Lets be crystal clear, Eagles fans have hatred for the Cowboys. When Dallas arrived to Philly on Dec. 10, 1989 (two weeks after Bounty Bowl), it was similar to an enemy invasion.
Remember we are talking about a fan base that isnt scared to throw snowballs at Santa Claus.
The feisty fans were outfitted with a full arsenal of ice and snow . The Bounty Bowl signals made it obvious that this one went to get extremely ugly.
Anyone standing in the Cowboys sideline was an open goal. I watched this one in your home.
Trash talking is nice. Throwing ice and snowballs took things too far. Even the CBS announcers sitting at the booth discovered themselves ducking as they were calling the game.
This Birds 20-10 victory on the 1-12 Cowboys stays a footnote that is thick to the Bounty Bowl saga.
Lito Sheppard isnt one of those players Id include on my list of greatest Eagles of all time.
However, when talking about the plays in this competition, he accomplished something that I wont ever forget.
When these two teams played in 2006, everyone believed Terrell Owens (the former Eagle playing with the Cowboys) was about to hog the spotlight. After allthe game took place.
Owens finished with three catches for 45 yards.
Sheppard turned out to be the actual playmaker in such a one. He conducted all the way to 102 yards to the end zone and intercepted a Drew Bledsoe pass on the Eagles 6-yard line.
Eagles won 38-24.
Nothing says classic better than an Eagles vs. Cowboys matchup for the NFC Championship game at the Vet. Discuss adding significance to your storied rivalry.
Being a young kid at the time, I dont just remember what I was doing on this exceptionally cold afternoon (under freezing temps and powerful wind gusts) in January 1981.
The Philadelphia Phillies were fresh off their World Series win, and the City of Brotherly Love was starving for much more.
With the spotlight today about the Birds, among the best players ever to wear white and the green . 42 yards hurried to pay dirt and an early edge.
2 Tony Franklin area targets along with a late 9-yard run by Leroy Harris sealed the 20-7 success.
And FINALLY, my Eagles were going to the Super Bowl.
Of course, it ended up taking almost another 40 years before I experienced that the Super Bowl celebration in front.
Bill Gelman is a veteran sports writer located just and not much away from the Jersey Shore. Bill spends time in Atlantic City composing concerning casino openings and expansions, special events and world championship boxing. He is now incorporating NJ sports betting and online gaming.

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