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Liverpool penalty and the yellow card for a tackle on Mohamed Salah of Hamza Choudhury were equally conclusions, Dermot Gallagher has said on Ref Watch.
The former Premier League referee cast his expert eye on the weekends actions, where VAR once again played its part, and gave his comments on a few of the big conclusions…
INCIDENT: In the games last minutes, Liverpool had been awarded a penalty following Mark Albrighton captured the foot of Sadio Mane in the area, sending over the forward. Referee Chris Kavanagh pointed to this spot and means of a VAR review confirmed the decision. James Milner stepped up to convert the spot-kick and win the game for Liverpool.
The VERDICT decision of DERMOT.
DERMOT SAYS:We speak about it due to the way Mane went , he did not go down too well, however I think that its a foul and as soon as you provide a foul, you have to provide a punishment. The difficulty we have is that we discuss minimal touch and moving down theatricallythat he can do so, but I really do think he had been fouled.
INCIDENT: Just before the punishment, Leicester midfielder Hamza Choudhury hacked Mohamed Salah as he drove towards the box. Even though he has not suffered any major damage while the area limped off choudhury has been given a yellow card.
Klopp said following the match:I stand here and should be only happy due to how the boys did this, but I am unable to get over the Choudhury yellow card. He should know. He possibly was unlucky with (Matt) Ritchie, however he has to calm down. You cannot only opt for the guy, a yellow card
The VERDICT choice of DERMOT.
DERMOT SAYS:I dont think he catches him with his boot. Its a yellow-card challenge and he grabs him with the side of the leg, if you have a look at it. He is low, he has come a brief space and Salah is moving away from him so it is not the rate and intensity of hitting bloke directly on, so I think that its a card.
INCIDENT: There was just another VAR call in the London Stadium. It was ruled by the linesman out, although jordan Ayew scored in the 87th minute. The decision moved to VAR which showed Martin Kelly – that helped the goal – and also Ayew were equally onside, awarding Crystal Palace that the objective and overturning the phone.
The VERDICT choice of DERMOT.
DERMOT SAYS:Its an amazing choice, because there were two. There is the one where Angelo Ogbonna keeps Martin Kelly onside because he heads back it on. Then Ryan Fredericks retains Jordan Ayew onside.
People say to me regarding the timeframe [of the VAR test ], that was two minutes, however you just need to appear at it to determine how tight of a telephone it is and they needed to build this up. You can see why they have taken time and they have it correctly. You would rather take some opportunity to get it right than look now and see that it should have remained disallowed.
INCIDENT in the game, Crystal Palace were given a penalty after the ball struck Declan Rices arm . Patrick van Aanholt converted to equalise for the visitors.
DERMOTS VERDICT: Correct decision.
DERMOT SAYS:It had been very close but his [Rices] hands are over his head and in the pre-season guidance that is what was stated – if you place your hands over your head, its not a natural place.
It is possible to see his hands are way above his head when he grips the ball and it had been stated that referees would give penalties for this and he also did. It was also checked by VAR and given the OK.
INCIDENT: Everton shield Seamus Coleman was sent off after receiving two yellow cards. For jumping into Dwight McNeil at a high challenge the first foul has been a studs-up challenge on the second and Erik Pieters.
DERMOTS VERDICT: First was a yellow.
DERMOT SAYS:I feel the first foul is really a red-card offence on its own. If youre training a young man, the first thing that you say to them is if somebody overruns the ball which Seamus does – be prepared for what could happen when he participates.
I have no doubt whatsoever that hed no intention of hurting Pieters but he is tackled together with his wrong foot and caught him around the crab with his studs. In case the referee sees exactly what we have seen, hed send off him. VAR advocated that it didnt meet the threshold therefore the thing was dealt with.
For the next, the very fact he jumps into McNeil like he can, the referee sees it because he is jumping at him Seamus only accepts it. I think Seamus is currently believing,well with what I did at the first half and what I have done today I deserve to get sent . Charge to him, he simply walks straight off
INCIDENT: Towards the ending of Newcastles triumph, Scott McTominay caught Sean Longstaff about the leg. It directed to Mike Dean but it was only a yellow card for your Manchester United midfielder.
DERMOTS VERDICT: Correct choice.
DERMOT SAYS:Theres minimal touch, its a short space and I really do think he belongs to pull out. He realises how near Sean Longstaff is also and that he just touches him. If he wanted to go , he could have carried on, but I feel a yellow card is appropriate.

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