David Ortiz says he does not know why anyone would shoot him

Baseball great David Ortiz says he is still trying the attack in a Dominican nightclub which left him seriously hurt.
The 43-year-old was shot in the chest in June – in what police think was a case of mistake identity.
The retired Boston Red Sox slugger advised Univision he wasn’t involved in anything which would have caused him a goal.
He said:”I do not have enemies. I don’t understand why anybody would want to do this to me.”
Ortiz said he wondered whether he would survive and called the second of the shooting surreal.
The shooter has not yet been captured along with Ortiz told the Boston Globe he needs them brought to justice.
“I wish to find out who did this,” he explained.
“I’m not going to sit and chill if there is someone out there who wishes to kill me.”
Earlier Ortiz made his first public appearance since the shooting, even when he pulled out the first pitch before the Red Sox and the New York Yankees played.
Ortiz thanked the fans for their support and prayers.

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