Sir Andrew Strauss to chair ECB committee

Sir Andrew Strauss Was appointed as the Seat of the England and Wales Cricket Board committee.

Strauss, who was this week knighted in Theresa May’s resignation honours, gave up his place as director of championships last year to invest time along with his late wife, Ruth.
The captain has agreed to seat the ECB cricket committee, and has continued to work closely together with all the organisation, as well as establishing the Ruth Strauss Foundation.
Peter Wright, who has been in place for the past nine years was substituted by him.
“This is a real pleasure to go back to ECB in this new capacity. ECB and the whole cricket household are a crucial source of support over an extremely tough year and it is really great to be back at Lord’sa location that’s become a second home to me,” Strauss said.
“I’m extremely passionate about creating and increasing cricket in England and Wales and that I look forward to working together with my coworkers on the stunt to drive all aspects of the professional game, such as women’s, men’s and handicap cricket.
“I’ve seen firsthand this summer cricket has inspired more people to fall in love with the sport and I can not wait to help build on its achievement.”

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